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Tax Attorney: Taxation Concepts Made Less Taxing

Understanding Taxation Law is a must for every business, accounting and tax professional. The laws are complex and changing often; making it difficult for the layman to keep up with the changes. It is therefore imperative for anyone who deals with the tax code to seek the advice of a tax law attorney, accountant or tax consultant who has knowledge of the law and experience in handling tax related issues. A tax lawyer, tax consultant or tax accountant will be able to help you with any tax related problems that you may come across during your tax year.

Understanding Taxation Laws – Australia is unique among developed countries in that it has a decentralized set up where tax revenues are collected from a wide range of sources. This means there are cases when tax revenues are raised but not enough money to pay government requirements. There are also cases when tax revenues are insufficient but the government has failed to collect what it needs from tax revenue collection. In these cases, there are provisions in the taxation law that allow tax revenues to lapse, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. This is one of the reasons why you need the services of a tax lawyer, tax consultant or tax accountant who has the skills and knowledge of taxation law. These tax professionals can help you to determine the scope of your tax liabilities and analyze your tax liabilities to find ways to resolve them.


Tax evasion is another serious tax issue faced by people all over the world. In most developed countries, it is against the law to commit tax evasion. The tax revenues of developed countries are highly taxed, and the rate of taxation is constantly increasing. For this reason, people try hard to avoid paying taxes. Not paying taxes or tax liabilities result in fines and penalties which can accumulate and become very large, affecting your financial well being. Australia is not one of the developed countries where the tax system is so harsh and there are no legal means to resolve tax related problems.


Taxation law differs from country to country. Developed countries levy taxes on corporate profits and on dividends paid by shareholders. Taxation laws on property tax and income tax are progressive. As per the tax rate in the country, the amount of tax payable is fixed. However, if tax revenues are low, then the person paying taxes may receive a greater share of inheritance as compared to someone paying the same tax rate in advanced countries.


Capital gains tax are also called regressive levies. Capital gains tax is levied against the increase in the market value of the asset or its depreciating value. The rate of this tax is based on the current market price of the asset multiplied by the amount of capital gains payable. A capital gain is the increase in the net worth, a capital loss is the total loss of a depreciating asset. This type of tax is normally imposed on real estate property. Real estate property includes leasehold property, home equity, vacant land, and structured settlements.


Income tax is one of the three basic tax systems applicable in industrialized nations. Like the previous types of levies, income tax is proportional to the taxable income of individuals. Income tax revenues are collected from salary or wages and some other types of sources like inheritances, gifts, and interest. A tax debt is created when a taxpayer refuses to pay or makes unreasonable deductions, said a tax levy attorney providing services in Tennessee.