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How to Hire an Experienced Probate Attorney


After the death of a loved one, it can be stressful and overwhelming to deal with all the legal matters associated with distributing their assets. A good probate attorney can help you get through this difficult time.

Having a will written before death can be the most important step you take to ensure that your assets are distributed correctly. Even if you do not have a will, your probate attorney can help you determine whether or not you are eligible to inherit any of your loved one’s property without having to go through a court-based process.

The first thing you should do if you are interested in hiring a probate lawyer is to find out how much experience they have handling cases like yours. This will give you an idea of how long the process should take and what kind of fees they might charge.

This will also help you understand if the attorney is a good fit for your needs and budget. Ideally, you want an attorney with years of experience so they can provide valuable guidance and advice.

Another question to ask is whether or not the attorney charges a flat fee. This is a common practice among attorneys, but it can be especially helpful if you are looking for someone to handle your estate on an ongoing basis (i.e., not just when it comes to filing documents and settling the estate).

There are several other questions you should be asking an attorney if you are considering hiring them for your case. For example, how long will it take them to open the case and close it?

You should also ask how long they have been practicing and if they can provide references. You should also make sure to find out if they have any litigation experience as this can be very relevant in cases of contested wills.

Finally, you should ask how much the attorney charges per hour. You may want to look for an attorney who charges a fixed rate or per cent on the value of the estate. Regardless of how it is charged, you should be aware that there are often costs involved and that these will be added to the total fee.

If the deceased did not have a will, Chicago law will take over and dictate who gets to inherit their property. Typically, the surviving spouse and children would be the first beneficiaries, but there are a few exceptions in certain situations.

A Chicago probate attorney can also work to resolve any disputes that arise during the probate process. For instance, if you believe you are not getting what you are due, your attorney could file an objection to your inheritance.

The most important reason to hire a probate attorney is that they can provide you with the legal assistance you need during a stressful and difficult time. Having an experienced probate attorney on your side will ensure that everything goes smoothly and you are given the best chance at receiving your inheritance in a timely manner.